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The communication and awareness-raising approach of the project will have an overarching reach towards the whole of the activities that are to be undertaken. This approach to the project implementation ensures that each activity is treated as a communication and visibility opportunity, caring for and providing with communication and information needs of the beneficiaries of these activities in both cross-bordering regions of Kosovo and Montenegro.  More importantly, it will ensure awareness-raising towards the overall promotion of the participation of SMEs targeting EU certification systems, in particular, the EU Ecolabel and EMAS aiming at compliance adaptations necessary to request relevant and achievable internationally recognized certification schemes, currently underway based on distribution of information among relevant stakeholders and businesses of the covered cross-border region (Peja and Kolašin). It is of great importance that the right communication tools are used at the right time and with the right message to ensure increased awareness on the importance of having internationally recognised sustainable management tourism standards and recognised certificates in place. The cross-cutting aspect, including rural areas, gender, communities, disable categories awareness aspect will beheavily complementing the overall project communication, awareness raising and visibility plan implementation.

About Peja and Kolašin

Peja beckons with its rich blend of culture and nature, promising an unforgettable journey. Delve into history, from Illyrian times to modern days, immersing in local traditions. Nature enthusiasts will relish Rugova’s pristine peaks, the allure of Bjeshkët e Nemuna (Accursed Mountains), and the tapestry of cultures among the locals. Share the joy of conquering 2000m+ summits with loved ones.

Peja’s recreational offerings are abundant. Embark on enlightening cultural paths or leisurely strolls through parks and hills. For thrill-seekers, Via Ferrata, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, and more await. Winter delights include hiking and skiing. Nightlife blooms too, fostering camaraderie and fun. Bars dot the city, promising jovial moments.

In Peja, it’s more than a visit—it’s an enduring encounter etched in memory. May your Peja experience be remarkable and enduring. Welcome to an enriching stay!

Kolašin, a Montenegrin gem, nestled in the north, was founded by Turks in the 17th century. Set amidst rivers Tara and Moraca and cradled by mountains—Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, Kljuc, and Vucje. At 954m altitude, it’s a sought-after year-round destination, cherished for its air spa climate.

Noteworthy is Lake Biograd, within Biogradska gora National Park—among Europe’s three untouched virgin forests. The lake, 1094m high, offers scenic trails. Kolašin’s history spans three centuries, marked by shifts between occupiers and liberators—changing hands 23 times, surviving destruction, and finally finding freedom.

The municipality spreads across 900 km² around rivers Tara and Moraca, with Kolašin at its heart, housing about 6,000 of its 12,000 citizens.

Project Work Packages

WP1: Project Management and Promotion (R1, R2, R3, R4, R5)

Act. 1.1. Project setup and mobilisation.
Act. 1.2. Communication and Visibility Strategy promotion,information and dissemination.
Act. 1.3. Mapping of beneficiaries-analysing their needs for support.
Act. 1.4 Define scope of training and standards certification portfolio.

WP2: Capacity Building component- sustainable effective management, eco development system, Eco label Auditing ToT, Eco friendly international standards certification, culture heritage, agro food sector, nature and environment as eco tourism value (R1, R2, R3).

Act. 2.1 Design and Implement the Training Program-Sustainable Effective Management, Eco-development system, Eco-friendly international standards.
Act. 2.2 Design and implement the mentoring support services.
Act. 2.3 Launching the Application call for Eco Label standard Certification for hotel Industry and Auditors, selection and implementation separately of Certifications for Hotels and Auditors.
Act. 2.4 Promote good practices of green key and Eco labels to tourism Ecosystem.

WP3: Designing and installing the Integrated Tourism and Communication Platform and implementing the Communication & Visibility Plan (R4, R5).

Act. 3.1 Design and develop the IT Online Communication and Promotion Platform.
Act. 3.2 Populate, upgrade and maintain the IT Online Platform.

WP4: Promoting cultural heritage and economy & organizing two CB tourism festivals and two Eco-Trails (R5).

Act. 4.1 Organizing the CBC Tourism Festival in Peja and Kolasin.
Act. 4.2. Organizing the Eco-trails in Peja and Kolasin.