Kolasin Open Fest Festival - Activities

The Official Opening conducted at the Cultural Center, welcomed the guests with speeches from:
Opština Kolašin representative Vuk Vuković – Secretary for Finance, Property and Economic Development Municipality of Kolašin, Meti, project manager – PRISHTINA REA director, Nada Pejović- Head of the Directoreate of Bilateral CB Programs, Ministry of EU Affairs Melanie Bride-Program Menager forTerritorial Cooperation -EU Delegation in MNT. Festival lasted 3 days and included many activities:

*One of the opening activities at Kolašin Open Fest was the ATV tour, where participants explored the stunning landscapes of Kolašin.

*Another thrilling activity at Kolašin Open Fest was the Zip Line! Participants soared above the stunning landscapes of Kolašin, experiencing an incredible rush of excitement and breathtaking views. . 🌟

The Jeep Safari Sinjajevina tour began with a drive through the village of Lipovo, located in a valley surrounded by high mountains, Lipovo is a real paradise for nature lovers.
Afterwards, we embarked on an exciting off-road ride to Mount Sinjajevina as the largest pasture in Europe and the largest mountain in Montenegro. The tour took us to a traditional katun, where the visitors enjoyed the opportunity to taste local food, including authentic specialties of the region, providing a unique insight into the traditional mountain lifestyle, where the adventurers feel the warmth and hospitality of the locals.🧀🥯

*A thrilling activity at Kolašin Open Fest – the Via Ferrata in Lipovo Village! Adventurers experienced the excitement of climbing through breathtaking landscapes and challenging routes.

During the  Kolašin Open Fest, the city center was alive with music! The atmosphere was electric and the crowd was buzzing with energy!

Check out the photos capturing the unforgettable performance and vibrant energy of the night.

An incredible activity at Kolašin Open Fest was the hiking tour in Moračke Planine! Participants enjoyed stunning views and the fresh mountain air while exploring the breathtaking landscapes

🚣‍♂️🌊 One of the thrilling adventures at Kolašin Open Fest was rafting on the Tara River! Participants experienced the rush of navigating the rapids and the breathtaking beauty of the river’s stunning landscapes. 🌟
📸 Take a look at the photos capturing the excitement and scenic views of our Tara River rafting adventure.

Rock Climbing

Part of the exciting activities at Kolašin Open Fest was rock climbing! Participants challenged themselves on the rugged cliffs, enjoying the thrill and breathtaking views of Kolašin.

Artistic Painting Workshop for adults, held in the beautiful Mirovic Apartments Garden. Participants unleashed their creativity, enjoying a relaxing and inspiring environment.

One of the fun-filled activities at Kolašin Open Fest was the Photo Joy! Participants captured their favorite festival moments with friends and family, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Activities for children