Kolasin Open Fest -Tourism Festival (28-29-30 June)

“Tourism for Future” branded the Kolašin Open Fest to valorise and internationalise the Tourism, cultural heritage, outdoor and nature adventures senses of attraction around Kolašin region and the cross-bordering cooperation with Peja region. This tourism festival, after the success of PejaOutdoorTourismFestival, it seeks to build a Branded Tourism Identity, to joy and entertainment, taste and adventures, promotion and networking of Kolašin tourism potentials, opportunities and linkages. With around 30 diverse activities and events, participants, visitors and contributors of all kinds will experience an unforgettable Festival, explore the Kolašin’s natural beauty, adventures, and cultural heritage.
Activities include Panoramic Jeep ride, hiking, cycling, rock climbing, walk along the educational trail, with optional boat rides, ferrata Lipovo village, canyon, tour ride, traditional food tasting, educational corner for kids, rafting, trail running, zip line, adventure park, artistic painting and a lot of live music performances etc. In addition to adventure and heritage, the festival offers rich cultural programs and networking addressing important issues such as adventure tourism eco-tourism infrastructure development and the challenges in sustainable tourism management.
                                                                     Join us for three days filled with emotions, adventures, and unforgettable memories from Kolašin!