Kolašin Info Session: for 'Eco-Label' International Standards Certification Grants

The info session was held with the aim of informing interested subjects about available grants, goals, activities, and application criteria. The session started with a welcome from the representatives of the municipality of Kolašin and representatives of the project team, after which the key segments of the program were presented.
After the welcome, there was a presentation that detailed the goals of the program, the specific activities that will be supported, and the criteria that applicants must meet in order to qualify for the grant. This presentation provided a clear picture of the expectations and priorities of the program. Special attention was paid to the presentation of the Online Platform for Grant Applications, which will be key to the application process. Participants were introduced to the steps to follow when filling out the application, as well as the technical aspects of using the platform.
The info session ended with a positive atmosphere and a clear understanding of the grant program. Participants gained insight into key information that will help them prepare and submit their applications. For those who may have missed the session, you’ll be able to find the materials below, while additional questions and assistance are directed to [email protected]