Monitoring Visit- Meeting

At the most recent Monitoring Visit meeting, comprehensive updates were provided regarding the ongoing progress of the CBC programme ‘Tourism for Future’ project. This dynamic initiative is the result of a concerted collaborative effort, bringing together esteemed partners, enabled by the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Montenegro – Kosovo, Prishtina REA as leader, Opština Kolašin,IPER Institute and the SHBA Gjeravica- Peja, and Peja Municipality as the co-financing partner too, all working in the cross-regional Tourism Spirit, with the invaluable support of the European Union.

Remarkably, it was revealed that the project’s progress remains steadfastly up to date, reflecting the dedication and hard work of all stakeholders involved, under the leadership of Prishtina REA. The project continues to make impressive strides in advancing the cause of sustainable tourism, promoting the International Eco-Label standards, while fostering cross-border cooperation within the region. The unwavering commitment of these collaborative partners is undeniably pivotal in propelling the project forward and ensuring its ultimate success, becoming a contributor to the transnational tourism innovation and internationalisation