Peja is a destination with great cultural and natural diversity, so your trip will encounter many evocations and experiences

During the time you will spend in Peja you will have the opportunity to learn about different experiences of history, cultures and traditions that have developed in different periods from Illyrian times to the present day, whereas for you nature lovers your experiences will benefit from visiting the most untouched areas of the Rugova mountains and the Bjeshkët e Nemuna (Accursed Mountains), the acquaintance with the culture and traditions of the local inhabitants and the great natural diversity up to the conquest of the peaks above 2000m will offer the pleasure and we are convinced that you would share it with family, friends and others through your stories.

Peja is also known as a place of recreation, so it is impossible to come to Peja and not accomplish any of the recreational activities offered in this destination. You can start from educational walks along the cultural path gaining knowledge and experience about our country, to continue with walks in the parks and excursion walks or recreational walks that offer the hills of Peja and then continue with weekend mountain walks for and up to 12-day excursions are offered, which include crossing the state borders “Balkan Peaks, Via Dinarica or Accursed Mountains Tours”.

For all adrenaline lovers, Peja is a paradise that offers experiences of outdoor adventures such as Via Ferrata, Rock Climbing, Zip Line, Speleology, Kayak, Adventure Park, mountain and plain cycling, paragliding and hiking, winter hiking and skiing. These are just some of the activities that you can experience during your stay in Peja.

But it is also the night life which offers opportunities for you to spend beautiful times with a lot of fun and enjoyment with your friends or even by joining other local societies. The bars are located in different parts of the city offer very attractive facilities.

So being in Peja is not just a visit but it is an experience, experience, pleasure and benefit of new experiences which will always remain in your memories.

We wish you a nice stay in Peja.

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