Peja Info Session: for 'Eco-Label' International Standards Certification Grants

In Peja on December 21st, an enlightening session unfolded, dedicated to guiding businesses through the “Eco-Label” International Standards grant application process. The session aimed to offer a clear understanding of the application criteria and how to navigate the application platform.

During the session, participants learned about the goals and importance of Eco-Label certification in supporting eco-friendly practices. They also explored the specific criteria required to secure the Eco-Label Certified Grant. The session offered practical guidance on meeting these criteria effortlessly. Attendees had the chance to see a demonstration of how to use the application platform, making the process easier to understand. 

The event resonated strongly with an enthusiastic audience showing great interest in the discussed subject. For those who may have missed the session, you’ll be able to find the materials below, while additional questions and assistance are directed to [email protected]