Terms of Reference (ToR) for Trainers on Sustainable Tourism Management and Ecolabelling Accommodation Standards

Project Title: Tourism for Future


Tourism for Future”, a two-year project, is implemented by Prishtina REA in partnership with IPER Institute, Kolasin Municipality and Gjeravica-Mountaineering Association from Peja, and supported by Peja Municipality, is financed by the Cross Border Cooperation Montenegro- Kosovo, financed by European Union (CBC
programme), through the contract no: CFCU.MNE.234, dated 15 June 2023 – “Tourism for Future”, The CBC Montenegro-Kosovo “Tourism for Future” project aims at contributing to the development of cross-border sustainable tourism through networking, introducing green key and eco standards, improving competitiveness, and joint promotion. The impact is the promotion of the participation of SMEs targeting EU certification systems, in particular, the EU Ecolabel and EMAS aiming at compliance adaptations necessary to request relevant and achievable internationally recognized certification schemes.

The “Tourism for Future” project aims to promote cross-border sustainable tourism by implementing ecolabelling standards for accommodations. The project seeks to educate and train accommodation providers on the importance of ecolabelling and how to achieve these standards. This Terms of Reference (ToR) outlines the roles, responsibilities, and qualifications of trainers who will be involved in this initiative.

The Assignment Objectives

Scope of Work

1.Curriculum Development: Create a training curriculum that covers the essential aspects of ecolabelling standards, including nature, infrastructure, management, local supply, and cultural heritage. The planned training modules are as below:

2.Training Delivery: Conduct training sessions for accommodation units, either in-person or through virtual platforms, to educate them on achieving and maintaining ecolabelling standards.

3.Monitoring and Evaluation: Assess the effectiveness of the training program through feedback surveys and follow-up visits to participating accommodations.

4.Resource Material: Develop handouts, presentations, and other training materials that can be distributed to participants for future reference.

 5.Consultation: Provide ongoing support and consultation services for accommodation units that are In the process of implementing ecolabelling standards


1. A comprehensive training curriculum on ecolabelling standards.
2. A minimum of five training sessions to be conducted within a training module
3. Post-training evaluation reports.
4. Training materials including handouts, presentations, etc.
5. A final report summarizing the project’s outcomes, challenges, and recommendations for future initiatives.

Timeframe and place

The project is expected to have a duration of two years and be implemented in the Peja and Kolašin regions


1. A minimum of a master’s degree in Economics, Environmental science, Tourism Management, Business Innovation or a related field.
2. At least five years of experience in Sustainable Tourism Management training and capacity-building.
3. Demonstrated certifying expertise in Ecolabelling Standards and sustainable tourism,
4. Experienced with donor-based projects-training assignments,
5. Excellent communication and presentation skills,
6. Excellent communication in Albanian, Montenegrin, and English languages,
7. Proficiency in using virtual training platforms, if applicable.


The trainers will report to the Project Manager, who is responsible for overseeing the “Tourism for Future” project.

Budget and Compensation

The budget for this role has to be offered on a man-day basis.

Evaluation and Termination

Performance will be evaluated based on the successful delivery of Sustainable Tourism Management training and Tourism Eco Label related standards sessions, participant feedback, and the achievement of project objectives. The contract may be terminated if the trainer fails to meet these criteria.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should submit their CV and a cover letter outlining their relevant experience to [email protected] by (30 of Sept 2023).