Growth in the number of visitors to Kolašin

In the year 2023, the Municipality of Kolašin recorded a significant increase in the number of visitors, according to the latest official data of the Tourist Organization of Kolašin . Analyzing Table 1, it is clear that this increase is most pronounced among foreign tourists, whose number increased by 13,058 compared to the previous year. This significant increase in foreign tourists testifies to the attractiveness of Kolašin as a tourist destination and confirms the efforts of local authorities and tourist entities in promotion.

Although domestic tourists traditionally visit the Municipality of Kolašin in smaller numbers compared to foreign visitors, a significant increase in domestic tourists was also recorded in 2023. The data indicate an increase of 291 domestic visitors, which additionally contributes to the overall growth of tourist traffic in the municipality. This trend can be interpreted as a result of improved tourist infrastructure, attractive events or targeted marketing campaigns aimed at the local population. On a monthly basis, compared to 2022, Kolašin recorded an increase in the number of tourists from May to September, in May the number of arrivals
increased by 1,637.

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